Improving Diastasis Recti after Pregnancy


When a woman has diastasis recti after giving birth to a child, it means her vertical muscles have separated from their attachment point in the abdomen. They are widened, and need correct. One might wonder how to improve diastasis recti. Thankfully, there are many practices that will help the healing process.

One way on how to improve diastasis recti is to get up properly from laying down. Always avoid sit up or crunch like maneuvers, even when one is better. It puts unnecessary strain on the back, according to research. If one needs a splint or binder to remember to take it easy, then get one. Just be careful not to bind it too tightly.

Most of the time this condition will spontaneously heal. Practice good nutrition and rest in the meantime. Properly executed squats can also help with the healing process. And always make sure through the entire process to do so in consultation with a physician.